Remembering Summer in Alberta

Ah, what a summer it was.  A trip up north into Canada, with a group of fine photographers and friends eager to adventure to many of the pristine lakes and mountainous region of Banff and Jasper, Alberta. It was a strange trip, really, having just made the move into full time photography.   Being fortunate enough to find work on all days between the end of my day job and the beginning of our trip, I wasn’t really able to spend any time trip-planning.  Though this added some friction within our group, to me the adventure isn’t always in an immaculate plan or checking every single landmark off a bucket list. We drove through forest fires for most of our travel day out and seemed to bring most of the smoke with us into Banff. With a lack of plan and the smoky weather, much of what can make Alberta so easy to photograph immediately become a new challenge. Pair this with a group in need of a fixed plan and some elements of disagreement entered into our little group. Counter to, as I have learned, many other photographers, I greatly prefer travel without much of a rigid plan. Yet I found the challenge to find the beauty through the hazy smog and lack of planning to be something which has become invaluable to my photography.  Patience is a tricky thing to learn, because, well, it takes patience.  Thankful to have the opportunity and experiences in adventure/travel photography that teach lessons applicable to elements of daily life.

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