With just 7 hours of daylight, a need to find an atmosphere warmer than commonly found this time of year, and the desire to rush home to watch a football game at 5, we caught the first ferry of the morning out to the Olympic Peninsula in the hopes of reaching a beach with a sunset.  While many of our stops were covered in snow and fog, our adventures eventually led us to Ruby Beach which provided a stunning sunset and opportunity to get the photos we had hoped to achieve for TOMS. We decided to stay well past dark (and the entire football game) Days like this are a constant reminder of the adventure and experience I frequently aim for with photography.  A small handful of close friends, who care to spend genuine time together in some amazing places is truly all that I need. 

Photographs via Mio Monasch. Based out of the Pacific Northwest city of Seattle, Mio is a self-taught photographer and visual artist specializing in landscape / lifestyle adventure photography. With quickly growing influence and exposure in the outdoor lifestyle industry, Mio is developing new strategies of content creation and media packages aimed fit a wide range of aesthetic and channels.