We started our visit with a bang, going on a guided tour of Maligne Canyon.  It was incredible, walking through the frozen rocks of an area only accessible during winter, carved by thousands of years of summer water.  We learned that half of the water which existed in the canyon, never freezes, as it it originates from Medicine Lake, which drains into the ground.  Thus, the water stays warmer than that above ground, and makes its way about 11 kilometers underground until it finds its way back above ground in Maligne Canyon.  

After the Canyon, we headed to Athabasca Falls which was entirely frozen and a slippery trap of insanely smooth hard ice.  After many falls and added bruises we caught a few shots and headed to Pyramid Lake for sunset, which yielded us brilliant colors and scenes of true Canadian winter: hockey rinks smoothed right on top of the frozen lake! - Mio Monasch | @monascherie

Mio Monasch @monascherie